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  1. Unified on ‘RBB,’ ruminating on ‘92’, chasing the escape on ‘Rave Slave,’ and unwillingly defiant on ‘Warrior,’ Downer Edition reaches past the wild ride of Dogging - this truly is the album that Low Life have been threatening to make for nearly a decade.
  2. Synonyms for lowlife. contemptible. degrading. disgraceful. disreputable. loathsome. reprehensible. shameful. vile.
  3. The title of The Weeknd and Future’s song suggests a reference to the word’s meaning, and their lyrics detail the activities they consider to be a part of a “low life:” drugs, alcohol.
  4. Low-life is a person who has not evolved past the level of primordial ooze in the scheme of things. A low-life is an opportunist and has no guilt over doing rotten or heinous things. If they hurt the innocent or the naive of course a low-life will blame their victim for not being as low-life .
  5. A low life expectancy can be defined as a below-average age a person might reach on average when he or she is born for every respective date. Especially in poor developing countries, life expectancy is quite low compared to rich industrialized countries.
  6. Nov 24,  · Luc Sante's Low Life is a portrait of America's greatest city, the riotous and anarchic breeding ground of snelgantaginowsprodarsulacatuara.coinfo is not the familiar saga of mansions, avenues, and robber barons, but the messy, turbulent, often murderous story of the city's slums; the teeming streets--scene of innumerable cons and crimes whose cramped and overcrowded housing is still a prominent feature of the snelgantaginowsprodarsulacatuara.coinfo by:
  7. Low Life is a biography of NYC from the early 19th century until the teens of the twentieth. Luc Sante breaks New York down into individual chapters that display the foundations and structure of what made the city what it is today/5.
  8. New Order's third LP, Low-life, was, in every way, the artistic equal of their breakout, 's Power, Corruption & Lies.9/

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