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  1. Perhaps the oldest monster of folklore, there are many variations on dragons and giant serpents. The Bible's Book of Isaiah describes Leviathan, a monstrous sea serpent dragon.
  2. Oct 31,  · Monster: The Fouke Monster The gist: Being a 7-foot-tall sasquatch who smells really, really, really bad. Story: For those who haven’t seen the classic Legend of Boggy Creek (that’s the trailer above), let’s fill you in on some background: The Fouke Monster is a purported hominid cryptid living near the Texas-Arkansas-Oklahoma border (Texarkana) who has red eyes and smells really, really.
  3. The Sherpa people in the country of Nepal have long traded tales of a snow monster known as the Yeti. Many Native American peoples in the Pacific Northwest share a legend of a large ape-like creature sometimes called Sasquatch. And then, there is Bigfoot. There is .
  4. Quarterly Review: CHRCH, Bongripper, King Chiefs, Bonnacons of Doom, Boar, June Bug, Tired Lord, Bert, Zen Bison, Wheel in the Sky Posted in Reviews on July 16th, by JJ Koczan. You know the deal by now, I’m sure: 50 reviews this week between now and Friday, in batches of 10 per day. It’s an unholy amount of music, but those who really.
  5. Leonardo The Terrible Monster Book Craft and Game. We started by making a monster craft using coffee filters and fork painted fur. For the Monster friend game, you can make a monster craft using any Monster craft, but this one was fun and easy! You’ll need a .
  6. The category Monster High book characters lists the categories of characters that have appeared in the Monster High books.
  7. Nov 23,  · The ferryman called out with a trembling voice. ‘I will bring you across if you spare my life!’ The old crone slightly tilted her head and reached for the big black book she hid within her clothing. With a bony finger she read the names written within, her thin and pale lips muttering to herself. She lifted her eyes towards the ferryman.
  8. Enemies usually don't know how they got injured when facing Rhodent. He's simply too quick for the eye. If you see a flash, you're probably already dead. At the monster's highest level at each rank.

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